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Tree following: 10th September

Flowering dogwood (Cornus kousa) in Penlee Park, Penzance

The weather is getting a bit cooler, but there are still some golden days ahead, I hope.

Normally the blackberries are mostly ripe by now, but many are still pale red on this bush by the gate into the park.

The flowering dogwood in Penlee Park is still in full summer dress. The grassy plant (possibly dead or dying) near to it is looking more and more like Dougal from The Magic Roundabout.

Some young leaves are still developing, adding a little red colour to the tips of the branches.

The strawberry fruits have begun to turn red. I spotted the first truly red one on 20th August:

Most though are still green, or just slightly pink on one side.

More of the older leaves have red-brown margins now.

The thin stalks dangling down don’t belong to the Cornus but have fallen from the Scots pine next door. They are carpeting the ground around.

I wonder if the squirrels will eat the strawberry fruits, as they have done with this pinecone?

Thanks to Pat of The Squirrel Basket blog for hosting Tree Following:

6 thoughts on “Tree following: 10th September

  1. What a wonderful park for every season.
    And you have chosen a great tree that seems to have interest throughout the year.
    I love that solitary red fruit…
    Best wishes 🙂


    1. Thanks – might have tasting notes for the next post!
      Penlee Park is just wonderful. I walk through it on my way into town, so am getting to know a corner of it much better. I am noticing things now which I have passed by for years and barely seen.


    1. Thanks for including me and the Cornus kousa, Pat.


  2. I do like your Dougal bush. I haven’t been in the right part of the park recently, I can tell.


  3. There’s so much just in this little corner of the park that I don’t think I will get to write about the rest for years! Such as the Memorial Garden; the old alley leading up into Alverton Road; the well down by the bottom of the park – just found a brilliant photo of this in Penlee House’s collection:
    And that’s before I even start on Morrab Gardens and the rest of Penwith. Must increase my writing rate to something approaching yours!


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