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Tree Following: May 2020

Cornus kousa in Penlee Park, Penzance

The Cornus kousa is looking pretty in its spring finery now. We’ve had some rain and some sunny days, and the new growth is well under way.

There are still some older leaves hanging on.

The new shoots and tiny new leaves start off red.

You can see the flower stalks have grown upwards.

From the top they are looking more like flowers, though the “petals” are actually bracts and the small green “fruits” are the flower clusters.

By next month, they will have become much more showy.

Here’s the nuthatches’ tree. They have much more cover now, and I haven’t seen them this month.

Many thanks to squirrelbasket for hosting the Tree Following posts. To find out more, head over to her blog:


8 thoughts on “Tree Following: May 2020

  1. This looks good; so many plants are flourishing, coming out early and generally thriving. And how nice to be able to read about something normal and healthy!


    1. Yes, I agree. The park is quite a healing place, like most outdoor natural spaces. Needed so much at the moment.


  2. It seems like a lovely park. I look forward to seeing the tree in full bloom next month.


    1. Hi Erika, me too! but now I also have to look for a new tree to follow from July. Maybe another one I don’t know anything at all about, so I can learn as I go.
      Hope you are getting out and about a bit in Sweden.


  3. Looking very good – unusual to notice those bracts at this early stage. Green on green so often gets ignored.
    All the best – take care 🙂


    1. And all the best to you too, Pat. I think I wouldn’t have noticed the bracts if I hadn’t started this blog in June/July last year when the tree had what I thought were flowers. So now I am waiting for them to develop.


  4. Lucy Corrander 17th May 2020 — 8:23 pm

    I remember when I first looked at ivy I found it difficult to understand how flowers could be flowers if they didn’t have petals. Fascinating.


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